I saw a painting today…

…were the words I read on a friend’s facebook status this morning.

This was the painting, featured on Winship Creations’ facebook page. Click on the painting to read the comments.

Cochlear Implant by Winship Creations

It appears to show a young child having a cochlear implant bolted onto their head with a hand drill, and without any anaesthetic. It’s deliberately shocking, and seems to depict the agony and torture of having a cochlear implant.

It’s obviously designed to shock and provoke, and to reinforce the deaf community’s sense that cochlear implants are innately evil.

The facebook friend who commented this morning said: “The comments I read were sickening. I wish to make my voice heard – controversial or not. How can people make very generalised comments and expect such comment to be relevant to each child or even adult.

It is an individual choice, individual situation, individual beliefs, individual dream. Bottom line is do not judge if you do not know the facts. I’ve stood back and let ignorant people judge me or others, but not anymore. Enough is enough.”

I completely agree.

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  1. Well written. It’s a free country people can have their own opinions, but where it’s a poorly informed opinion that’s when it becomes harmful.

  2. This is done by the hard core deaf
    They fear their culture is dieing off
    So they paint misleading pictures to place unwarranted fear in potential people who may jump ship and join the CI crowd
    Guess to watch the deaf world die off
    like the old horse and buggy did with the invention of the first automobile
    New technology always had their detractors I guess
    To me my CI is a God send
    Life before my CI was slow death
    Life after CI new chapter in my life like the Phoenix rebirth through the ashes
    For my children and grandchildren I would fight for their right to get a CI
    I want my children to have all the advantages and not be forced with just a small slice instead of the whole loaf

  3. Hi. I think you might be the same William I met a few years ago when you came to film my kids Jack & Amie for See Hear? If you are hello & a well balanced comment on the picture. Hopes all well with you? See hear have just done some filming again after 3 years so interesting coincidence your name popped up! Regards. Rob

    1. Hi Robert – great to hear from you! I remember you, Jack, Sarah and Amie very well indeed – and I’ve had my own cochlear implant for six months, and a son for a bit longer! I’m really looking forward to seeing the new update on See Hear and finding out what you’re all up to.

  4. This is how some people actually think. Mostly Deaf people fed with misinformation. They also think they drill in the brain. They think there’s a hole so you cannot take a shower.
    It’s sad to see this kind of stupidity.. This amount of lack of knowledge, or wish to obtain knowledge… This way of thinking is just a way to proof your stupidity.

  5. That is rubbish! My son has two implants and he plays footbal in a deaf team with deaf teenagers and deaf men. Nobody said a word about his implant, they all are very friendly. I think that wasn’t just a deaf person’s idea, it is more political issue ,I think.

  6. Anon…try joining some of the Deaf FB groups…and you will see that hate still exists against HoH, Oralists, CI advocates and CI recipients by some Deaf folks. They see the above as the evil-doers who are destroying their Deaf culture, when in fact, that’s far from the truth…which you reaffirmed with your post.

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