Websites I like


Ben Green: A BBC Production Coordinator who made all his own comedy sketches on YouTube, Ben has now graduated to BBC dramas and comedy programmes, and even starred in his own Virgin commercial. Also wrote and acted in Deaf Mugger.

Cathy Mager: My wife, and Director of the Bloomsbury Festival. Check out her work at Historic Royal Palaces, Platform for Art and the South Bank here.

Charlie Swinbourne: Writer and originator of Hands Solo, The Fingerspellers and My Song. Also came up with the simple yet brilliant idea that was Coming Out.

Christine Cheung: A talent manager at the BBC, and freelance producer - Christine is one to watch out for!

David Marsh: A brilliant Director of Photography whose work includes Downton Abbey, Lewis, Channel 4's Coming Up scheme and of course, My Song.

El Skid: Super cool viral, music video and short film director Robin Schmidt, currently gearing up for his first feature films and the Supermassive project.

Erik Wilson: A DoP who's recently made a name for himself with two back to back feature films - Paddy Considine's Tyrannosaur and Richard Ayoade's Submarine. I was lucky enough to work with him on Stiletto.

James Merry: Very funny and creative animator and designer. He's created his own short films, worked on Fonejacker, and added his magic touch to Hands Solo.

Jo Grover: A very talented makeup artist who's worked on Clash of the Titans, Nottingham, X-Men First Class and loads of major blockbusters. As well as Stiletto and The Fingerspellers.

Jon Cartwright: Super skilled photographer who took beautiful pictures for me on the set of Stiletto and Hands Solo. Has taken some amazing photographs of the likes of John Hurt and Judi Dench - and, er, my cousin William for a Google/Arena Flowers photoshoot. Bizarre coincidence.

Sophie Woolley: Immensely talented writer, actress and performer, as seen in Cast OffsWhen to Run and Fight Face.

Stuart Bentley: One of my favourite DoPs. Loved working with him on Hands Solo and hope to work with him again.


BBC Films: My first job at the BBC was as a New Media Trainee working on the now defunct BBC Films website. I got some articles and reviews of my own commissioned for the site. I'm particularly fond of the Monkeys in Movies article...

BBC Film Network: A great resource for short films.

Big Directors, Small Films: The Slashfilm guys are keeping track of all the shorts, music promos and other small films made by big name directors such as Spielberg, Rodriguez, even George Lucas.

Filmdrunk: A very funny film news site. The creator, Vince Mancini, has a great take on new and upcoming films. One of my first ports of call in the mornings.

Industrial Scripts: UK based script and project development service with links to all the major studios in the US and UK. Gave me fantastic coverage on treatments.

Internet Movie Database: Here you can find a list of most of my TV and film credits so far as writer, director, producer, even actor(!)

No Film School: Set up three years ago by Ryan B Koo, this site has grown into an invaluable and hugely comprehensive resource for filmmakers of all ages and skill levels. Subscribe to the weekly email and learn something new.

Scriptangel Writing Resources: A very useful list of funding bodies, production companies and more besides.

Scriptshadow: When I grow up, I want to write a feature film script. This website offers fantastic analysis and discussion of all the new and upcoming scripts, as well as a few unproduced gems.

Shooting People: One of the original, and still one of the best film networking sites out there.

ShortoftheWeek: I could spend all day on this site, reading their reviews and watching their films. You'll find Oscar and BAFTA winning films here, and hidden gems from abroad. Essential if you're keen on making films.

Slashfilm: Or "/film" as they call themselves - one of my favourite film news sites, rapidly eclipsing Ain't It Cool News.

The Smalls: A new and upcoming short film website with a very lucrative annual short film competition.

Vulture Picture Palace: New York Magazine's now defunct cache of short film recommendations. Worth trawling through.

Vzaar: Professional video hosting for professionals and businesses - a slick, smooth service. And Oliver Stone's an investor.

Wired Video: A great little video production company who I've used in the past. Competitive rates, and great service.

WithoutaBox: Your first port of call for Film Festival submissions.


B3ta: A long running comedy photoshops, links and tall stories website. Always guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Brain Pickings: A really stylish blog that pulls together fashion, history, photography and more. A real treat to visit.

Holymoly: A gossip and celebrity news site. Also do the occasional film and music review. I've written for them.

How to be a Retronaut: A fantastic alternative history website that digs up the strange, the unusual and the downright fantastic from the past.

Limping Chicken: It started with a documentary on BBC Three called Deaf Teens, Hearing World, and ended up as a blog with daily deaf news created and curated by Charlie Swinbourne.

Slate: A fantastic site for good journalism and stories. Bookmark it now.

Stuffusell: eBay is a pain in the backside. Get someone else to sell your stuff for you. These guys are the best at it.

TED: These are great videos of inspirational people giving short presentations on various topics. The JJ Abrams 'Mystery Box' talk is a particular highlight for me.

Tumblr: Where you'll find all my favourite pictures, videos and news stories.