The Fingerspellers

A 27' drama and 8-part comedy mini-series about a family of Deaf gangsters who protect themselves through the power of sign language!


Ilan Dwek
Matt Kirby
Rebecca-Anne Withey
Stephen Collins
Matt Gurney
Diana Martin
David Hirshman
Cathy Heffernan
Dani Sive
Martine Laverty


Director: William Mager
Creator and Writer: Charlie Swinbourne
Producer: Sarah Tavner
Executive Producer: Mark Nelson
Director of Photography: Paul Curran
Camera Assistant: Chris Preston
1st AD and Line Producer: Dee Hellier
Makeup Artist: Jo Grover
Makeup Assistant: Sylvia Atkins
Costume Designer: Jessica Allen
FX and Props: John Mackie
Graphics and Animation: James Merry
Sign Language Interpreter/BSL Monitor: Linda Richards

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The series premiered as part of the deaf magazine show Wicked, which was made by Remark! ( for the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust. (For more info:

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