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Vampire movies are the in thing right now. Twilight, for example. Teenage girls up and down the land are currently squeaking in delight as the slab-faced Robert Pattinson has a strangely chaste romance with some 14yr old girl involving lots of meaningful looks and cries of “Don’t do that! I might do a sex wee


My favourite kind of films are the ones that no-one else has heard of. By that, I mean films that are well written, well made, and have a unique idea behind them – but for one reason or another haven’t been seen or embraced by the wider public. Either because they haven’t been released properly,


This is my first post. I’ll be adding more soon. Basically this is a blog where I’ll write about cool stuff I’ve seen. TV shows, films, short films, anything really. I’ll also write about cool stuff I’ve done – short films I’ve made, VTs I’ve directed, and more besides. Most of all – this blog