Articles I’ve Written

As well as updating my blog on a regular basis, I've written for other publications. A selection of those articles can be found below.

BBC Ouch!
I've written several articles for Ouch as part of my Series Producer role, as well as an article and interview for their regular podcast.
To Sign or Speak?
Deaf Marginalised by Italian Gesture
Switching on my Hearing

Wired UK
I was inspired by Wired UK's collection of articles commemorating their Transhuman Week in the magazine and online, so I wrote something of my own about the implications of becoming an NHS-Funded Cyborg.
Diary of becoming an NHS-Funded Cyborg

I've started writing a few entertainment articles for on a semi regular basis. From music apps to TV series to cult film analysis. More for fun than anything. I won't be writing for Time Out any time soon:
Bjork's Biophilia App
Game of Thrones Season 2: Five new characters

The Artist: A Love Letter to Hollywood's Golden Age
Kill List: What's it all about then?
Martha Marcy May Marlene

Limping Chicken
This is a fun blog run by Charlie Swinbourne, highlighting deaf news and stories each day. I wrote a couple of articles for him around the time my son was born - really important that I did really, as it was a very difficult time all round!
Seeing My Son for the First Time
An Open Letter to my Son
Roy Hodgson: Watching those Ws

BBC Films Online
It was Piers Beckley who gave me my first break as a BBC New Media Trainee in the year 2000. For several months I worked with Piers, Martyn and Sian on the now-defunct BBC Films website: commissioning articles, interviews and reviews and uploading them to the site. It was one of the proudest moments of my life when Piers allowed me to write an article of my own. In fact, I went on to write several. The site was shut down in October 2003 but it's still online for now:
Review Index

Mrs Brown (I've never actually watched it, I can confess that now)

Jet Li Profile

Chris Columbus Profile

Monkeys in Movies (spot the Simpsons references!)

Live and Let Die


Santa Claus The Movie (very controversial, this one)