Articles about me

The Age Newspaper
While visiting The Other Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia, I was interviewed by a very knowledgeable film journalist from The Age, a national newspaper. It was a 90 minute chat and one of the most enjoyable I've ever had with a journalist. The article turned out very well too I thought...
The Age, September 2012

BBC Ariel
Around the time that Stiletto came out, the BBC's in-house newspaper Ariel did a short profile of me complete with a cheesy director photo and a lot of factual inaccuracies. You can view the original article as a PDF.
Ariel Magazine, May 2008
When I became Series Producer on See Hear, the BBC's magazine programme for deaf and hard of hearing people, Ariel ran another interview - online only this time.
Ariel Magazine, August 2013

British Deaf News
A short interview for the back page of the British Deaf Association's regular monthly magazine about my career and future plans.
British Deaf News, April 2013

I've been reading Empire magazine since Issue 2, featuring Michael Keaton dressed as Batman on the cover in 1989. For me to have my name appear in the magazine for the third time (after two appearances on the letters page) was an incredible honour. You can see a screengrab of the page:
Empire magazine, January 2010

Sight & Sound
I don't think I ever imagined I'd make a comedy porn film. Even less likely that it would get reviewed in the British equivalent of Cahiers du Cinema that is Sight & Sound. But it actually happened. And they were very positive about it too! Click the link for proof:
Sight & Sound magazine, January 2010

Sheffield Telegraph
A nice article about all the films illustrated with a full page pic of Matt Kirby in full regalia:
Sheffield Telegraph, Nov 2009

Sheffield Star
That pic again - but this time Matt's the subject of the headline too:
The Sheffield Star, Nov 2009

Able Magazine
An interesting article about the state of disability cinema, written around the time of The Magic Hour's first release in 2009/2010.

The Holymoly gossip site's always been very supportive of my stuff - and this is a nice review of Hands Solo after it appeared online:

Short of the Week
This site is one of the best repositories of short films online often featuring award-winning shorts of Oscar/BAFTA standard - so I was over the moon when they nominated Hands Solo as a short of the week. They also ran a very nice interview with me the following day.

A very nice site about creativity. This interview was written by Tom Seymour, whose first job in the film industry was as a runner on Hands Solo. Now he writes for Sight & Sound, Little White Lies and more.

I Look so I Can Hear
This is a fantastic blog about one woman's journey to getting bilateral cochlear implants. She also wrote some very nice things about My Song which meant a lot to me. So, y'know, read it.