About Me

Welcome to my personal website.

I’m a filmmaker and producer/director working in both film and television. I’ve made several short films, dramas and even an online miniseries – and picked up a few awards for them too.

Sheffield born, now London-based, I fell in love with movies after watching Singin’ in the Rain on a battered old VHS as a young boy.

Soon after that, I made my first film aged 14, setting fire to a model Audi Quattro and subsequently being banned from the school film club for excessive pyromania.

After this initially rocky start, I now divide my time between my day job, as a producer/director at the BBC, and my long-term dream of directing, writing and developing personal projects.

I like to make films that move people – either to laughter or tears – and generate discussion around the world.

I’m always looking for new people to collaborate with – actors, writers, producers. If what you see here interests you, please do get in touch.

You can connect with me through facebook, twitter, linkedin, skype or drop me an email.